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Fracking Motion

At the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 4 October 2022 the following motion was approved regarding fracking within Eckington Parish:

In light of the Governments recent decision to lift the moratorium on fracking - Eckington Parish Council reaffirms in the strongest terms its position against fracking and declares its opposition to any application to allowing hydraulic fracturing within the boundary of Eckington Parish Council which includes Eckington, Marsh Lane, Ridgeway, Troway, Renishaw and Spinkhill.

Fracking will not produce enough gas to significantly affect the short-term energy situation (price or quantity), it is not proven safe in a highly densely populated country such as England (with 12x the population density of the USA), we have not got the road or pipeline infrastructure to support it without huge additional disruption.

We also believe that the long-term use of fossil fuels must be reduced and that can be better achieved through improved insulation, energy savings and continuing the last 10 years of rapid increase in renewable energy production.

We do recognise that some of these matters are primarily for the local residents to decide, in particular the local impact of fracking operations, and we ask our MP to voice to Government that a meaningful and appropriate local community choice must be given before any fracking or exploratory operations can begin.

Posted: Thu, 06 Oct 2022 10:51 by Emma Smith

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