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Like fruit? Green thumbs? Please get involved!

Like fruit? Green thumbs? Please get involved!

Community Orchards

Eckington Parish and District Councils have teamed up with charity One Planet Matters ( to set up community orchards and vegetable growing spaces in the Parish. The charity's vision is to "create environmental and social change through action and understanding".

The goal locally is to involve residents and schools in growing our own food and share that produce, encouraging people to appreciate our environment and to work together.

To get started, we are setting up four community orchards within the parish, a mix of apple, pear and cherry. We will be planting them on Thursday 27th January 2022. They will need looking after as they mature, and should be producing fruit in around 3 years (good things come to those who wait!).

If you have some spare time to help plant them on Thursday 27th January 2022, or to help look after them (e.g. summer watering), please contact the Parish Clerk at for details.

Bit more info on planting fruit trees for those that are interested:

Posted: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 09:51 by Emma Smith

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