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Dog owners, do you know the rules?

Dog owners, do you know the rules?

Dog Management PSPO

The Dog Management Public Spaces Protection Order makes it an offence in NEDDC to;

  • allow a dog to foul without picking it up
  • not have the means to pick up
  • fail to put a dog on a lead when asked to do so by an authorised officer (e.g. by a council officer or Derbyshire Constabulary)
  • have more than 6 dogs in your control
  • allow dogs in designated play areas, multi-use games areas, skate parks and gym equipment areas
  • allow dogs to be off leads whilst on roads, pavements, footways, pedestrianised areas, cemeteries and churchyards

Posted: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 13:26 by Roz Bullimore

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