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Creative Projects for the Community

Creative Projects for the Community

Live & Local - Livingroom

During these challenging times when it is difficult for communities to stay connected, it has been inspiring to see how many communities have pulled together to support those in need. Parish Councils, Town Councils, Parish Meetings, and other community groups across Derbyshire have been a key part of this. As uncertainty continues with continuing restrictions, Live & Local is able to offer LivingRoom, an opportunity for communities to connect and create something memorable and unique. LivingRoom is a fully subsidised creative project for your community, enabling people to participate in something positive, working together whilst complying with current COVID restrictions.

Live & Local is well known for working with a wide range of community groups to bring subsidised performances from professional artists to community venues, including village/town halls, churches, community centres and outdoor events. Since it has not be possible to stage live performances during the pandemic, the professional musicians, writers, theatre companies, poets, dancers, and story tellers who would perform in community venues have come up with brilliant ideas for ways with working remotely with community groups to collaborate and create unique new artworks. This could be writing poems, sharing stories, making a short video, performing an audio play, recording a new song, learning to dance, or anything from a whole host of arts activities. So, in a nutshell, Live & Local will pair your community or group with a professional artist to work together remotely. Whatever your group does, we then encourage the group to show off their new work and share it widely.

Live & Local: LivingRoom is funded by Arts Council England and your local authority, so there is no cost to the community group. So, if you think people in your community would benefit from working remotely with a professional artist, please contact to arrange a chat.

Please also feel free to share this email with any community group who might be interested, as we are able to work with a wide range of different groups. Previous LivingRoom projects have included a Parish Council led Community COVID-19 Support Group working with a song writer to produce a series of songs reflecting on village life during lockdown, a village community (via the community library) working with a poet and writing a book of poetry and prose, a WI group creating a virtual museum of interesting objects from people's living rooms and a children's group making a film using puppets that they made with a theatre company. We have made a short film of some of the projects completed so far to give you a flavour of what communities have produced.

Live & Local - Outdoor Performances

Some groups are now looking to the summer and planning for outdoor community events. Live & Local also has a great selection of subsidised outdoor performances for fetes, festivals, or other community events. If Parish Councillors are aware of such plans, please do forward this email to the organising committee and we would be happy to arrange a chat about supporting their event. We also provide support and advice for organising community events which comply with COVID regulations and social distancing.

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