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Annual Derbyshire Policing Budget Consultation

Annual Derbyshire Policing Budget Consultation

The Police and Crime Commissioner would like the following note to be sent out to as many local Derbyshire residents as possible please.

The Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner is holding two events being held on Wednesday and Thursday evening (6th-7th) to discuss the proposed Derbyshire Policing Budget recommendations.

If you want to join him to discuss these proposals visit the event portal to book your place. Further details can be found on his website Derbyshire Police Budget 2021/22

Just prior to the meetings people who have booked a place will be sent an email with the relevant online meeting link included.

The webpage also includes the budget survey which you can complete straight away if you haven't already, or wait to complete it after you have discussed your questions with the Commissioner.

Posted: Wed, 06 Jan 2021 14:52 by Roz Bullimore

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