Serving the people in the parish of Eckington

Cllr Jeremy Kenyon

Cllr Jeremy Kenyon

I can't say that I was born and raised in Eckington, but I can say that I moved here by choice in 2003, and stayed here ever since, because its such a great place.

My background is as a mathematician and software engineer, and I have been a Director at several software businesses, including a stint in Seattle. These days I run my own business selling, of all things, anti-snoring devices :-)

A few years ago I realised Eckington was getting left behind in several ways, and that we needed strong voices to fight our corner. So began my journey into local politics...

I am committed to improving residents lives in Eckington and ensuring our town thrives and is a place where everyone wants to live and bring up their kids.

Jeremy is a member of the following Working Parties:

Member of Environmental
Member of Finance
Member of Open Spaces
Member of Communications

You can find Cllr Kenyon's register of interests on this page.

12 Station Road
S21 4FX

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