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Grant Aid
Eckington Parish Council - Grant Aid Application Form

Please complete the following form and please attach your Certified Accounts for the last Financial Year as a single PDF document.  We do not accept other file formats, ie spreadsheet, text, etc.
Applicants Name ::
Telephone ::
Address ::
Organisation Name ::
Position ::
Please tick if this is your First Application
Briefly State the aims/purposes of your organisation ::
Where does the organisation meet and when do they take place ::
Is the organistion open to anyone in the Civil Parish of Eckington?  If no, what restrictions apply, eg
age group, etc ::
Does the organisation cover an Area wider than the Civil Parish of Eckington?  If Yes, please specify the area(s) and approximate number of Eckington Civil Parish people involved. ::
Financial Information
General Information
How did your organisation meets its operating costs last year?
Members Contributions 
Fund Raising 
Grants from Eckington PC 
Grants from elsewhere 
Other Incomes 
For other incomes, please specify how/where from ::
How did you use your Grant Last Year (if awarded) ::
How do intend to use your Grant this year ::
Has your organisation made applications for a grant from any other body and if so, which body and what amounts ::
Cash in Hand 
Current Account 
Deposit Account 
Please give the following balances for:
Please provide any additional comments to support your application ::
You must attach a copy of your organisations Certified Accounts for Last Year (as a PDF document)  Please click the Browse button and locate the file you wish to provide.
(please note that your file size should not exceed 4MB and may take a few minutes to upload)
Please Note: if your accounts/enclosures are very large files, then please post them to :-
Clerk , Eckington Parish Council, Civic Centre, Market Street, Eckington , S21 4JG , with a
printed copy of the above form - please click here to open a printable copy of this page