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Grant Aid
Eckington Parish Council - Grant Aid Application Form (v3.01)
A sum of money is allocated each year for the provision of grants to local groups.
The Parish Council normally allocates Standard Grants of £50 or £100.
You are invited to ask for a larger Non Standard Grant if your group has a special
project in mind.

In applying for a grant you are asked to provide information to help the Parish
Council make a decision such as:
• Who you are
• What you do
• Who benefits

We also ask for financial information so that the Parish Council can be assured that it
is spending public money wisely.

You can apply for a grant once in every twelve month period.

The Parish Council reserves the right to use information provided for publicity
purposes excluding personal and financial details without prior consent.

6 to 9 months after you have been awarded a grant we will contact you so that you
can let us know how the money has been spent and what impact it has made to your
group and the residents of Eckington Parish.

In the past 12 months we have awarded the following grants
• Wintergreen (set up costs)
• Moss Valley Wildlife Group (removal of Himalayan Balsam)
• UFI grit bin scheme (purchase of salt)
• Marsh Lane TARA (event insurance)

and larger grants have been awarded to
• Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre (operating costs/outreach)
• Citizens Advice Bureau (North East Derbyshire) (operating costs/outreach)
• Marsh Lane Under 5s (operating costs)
• Eckington Town Team (Christmas event and rent of town centre premises)

Your application will be considered by the Parish Council at its next appropriate
meeting. You will be notified of the decision after the meeting. Should you wish to
attend the Parish Council please contact the Clerk for details.

If your application is successful you will be invited to the next meeting of the Parish
Council to receive your cheque.

If you wish to apply for a grant please complete the form below or you may download a PDF printable copy here.
Applicants Name ::
Telephone ::
Address ::
Organisation Name ::
Position ::
Please tick if this is your First Application
Briefly State the aims/purposes of your organisation ::
Where do you meet? ::
Who can join your group ::
How many of your members live in the parish of Eckington? ::
Financial Information
General Information
Members Contributions 
Grants from Eckington PC 
Other Incomes 
Other Grants 
For other incomes, please specify how/where from ::
Email Address ::
How long has your group been operating? ::
How often do you meet ::
How did your organisation meets its operating costs last year?
Which Type of Grant are you applying for?
Do you wish to be considered for a Standard Grant? ::
If awarded how do you intend to use your Grant? ::
Standard Grant Application
Or Non Grant Application
Do you wish to be considered for a Non Standard Grant? ::
Please supply details of your projects with costs ::
Are you applying to other funders for this project? ::
Please supply details where you have applied for funding and for how much ::
• if you are a new group please provide as much information as you can
• if you need any help completing this section please contact the Parish Clerk
Fund Raising 
Please give the following balances for:
Cash in Hand 
Current Account 
Deposit Account 
If you are awarded a grant please specify to whom the cheque is made payable to ::
Please provide any additional comments to support your application ::
If you are awarded a grant do you agree to supply the Parish with details of how the grant has been used in 6 to 9 months time? ::