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Allotments in Eckington Parish

Allotments are a great way to produce affordable, fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables, get some fresh air and introduce the whole family to gardening.  Every autumn you can see the results of the allotment owners’ hard work around Eckington and Marsh Lane, as pictured on this page.

Eckington Parish Council manages four allotment sites in the Parish.  These allotments are available to anyone who lives in the Parish of Eckington.  Three of these sites are in Eckington at School Street, Ducksett Lane and Lansbury Road, and one in Marsh Lane.  Rents are very reasonable and vary according to the size of the allotment plot.  Annual rents are typically around £12.50 to £14.50 for a standard plot and £22 to £32 for a larger plot.  Water is an additional charge where it is available.

As they become free allotments are allocated using a waiting list which is open to residents of Eckington Parish.  To join this waiting list, fill in the online form below or, contact the Parish Clerk.

Eckington Parish Council requests allotment holders to park considerately when visiting their allotments to prevent causing local residents access problems.

School Street, Eckington
This site runs from the top of School Street to Berry Avenue and is secured by gates at each end.  There are 19 plots of varying sizes on this site and water is available and charged using individual meters.  Livestock is not allowed on this site.
Please note that the information supplied for the Allotment Waiting List will only be used for maintaining the Waiting
List and no other purpose.

Allotment Rules and Regulations

Eckington Parish Council enforces a few rules and regulations for its allotment sites, as follows

1. The Tenant shall keep the allotment free from weeds and shall at all times cultivate no less than two thirds of
the total area.  The tenant should also maintain any pathway or avenue abutting the allotment and keep the
allotment tidy at all times.
2. The Tenant shall not cause or permit any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other Allotment, and
shall not deposit any refuse on, or obstruct any pathway or avenue.
3. The Tenant shall not assign or re-let the whole or any part of the Allotment.
4. The Tenant shall not cut any trees upon the land.  The boundary hedging is the responsibility of the Tenant and
must be trimmed to a reasonable level.
5. The Tenant shall not keep any animal in the allotment without the express consent of the Council.
6. The Tenant shall not use the Allotment for any Trade purpose.
7. No structure or building shall be erected on the Allotment without the consent of the Council and in any event
no building which could be used for the purpose of living or sleeping.
8. The Tenant shall not use any barbed wire on any fencing or boundary.
9. The Tenant shall perform and observe all and any regulations as may from time to time be made by the
10. The Tenant shall not attach a hosepipe to the water standpipe other than for the purpose of filling water butts
or troughs, and no spray or other watering device will be permitted (if water supplied at the allotment site).

Please click here to view/download a copy of our Allotment Strategy documentation
Eckington Parish Council also owns a site in Gleadless which is managed by the Gleadless Garden Produce Association.  Contact them by email or ring Ian Turner on 07710 386658 if you’d like to find out more about this site.

Apply to Join the Waiting List
To join the waiting list for the sites managed by Eckington Parish Council, please fill in the form below, or contact the Parish Clerk directly.  Only residents of Eckington Parish may join the waiting list.

Ducksett Lane, Eckington
This site is on the edge of Eckington next to Ducksett Lane.  Access is via Barratt Road.  There are 36 plots of varying sizes and water is available via standpipes and the charges are shared between tenants.
Lansbury Road, Eckington
This site is on the edge of Eckington next to Lansbury Road and can be accessed from Barratt Road, from Setcup Lane, or Pitt Street, with access from High Street.  There are 28 plots of varying sizes on the site.  There is no water on this site.

Marsh Lane
The Marsh Lane allotments are on Main Road, starting from School Lane and running alongside the School Playing Field.  There are 14 plots of varying sizes on the site.  There is no water on this site.