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Assets of Community Value
Asset of Community Value
About a year ago, all households in Eckington Parish were asked to complete a questionnaire to help the Parish Council align its work and budget with community priorities.  231 returns were received and following an analysis of the responses an Action Plan has been formulated and agreed by the Parish Council in December 2011.  The Action Plan identifies 5 priority areas: Village Identities; Environmental Issues; Highways and Transport; Security and Policing; Provision for the Young and the Elderly.  Within each area actions have been identified and how the Parish Council is looking to tackle each priority. 

One of the actions is to compile a list of assets of community value.  You can contribute to drawing up a comprehensive list of assets that are felt to be important and have a significant worth to the community by completing the form below and clicking the 'send' button.

I value the asset(s) below (please enter up to 5 items & locations) and would like to nominate it/them for inclusion in a list of Assets of Community Value.